by money muscle and math

Aside from Roosh who is obviously doing it for the money (and there is nothing wrong with that), I am unsure what the motivations are of PUA bloggers like Roissey.  They say they are not worried about game saturation, but if one man changes from a beta to an alpha is the world better off?


Certainly, that one man will be better off because he will no longer be a fool who is duped into providing for bastard spawn and he will be more successful with women.  But his productivity as a worker will be lower if he believes the alpha lifestyle of being a selfish bastard who takes credit for work others did rather than doing his own.  Many will say fuck the employer and good for him for only looking out for himself. 


I have a different goal.  I want to encourage others to stop being betas, not so they become alphas, but so they may become gammas.  Gammas create, invent, and produce.  They defend themselves from the thieving, conniving jackass alphas.  They resist those who try to lead them, but they only lead as examples and not as authorities.  They are able to acquire resources to pass down to offspring so they too may be successful.  A society of gammas would be a freer, better place to live than one filled with alphas.


It is the betas, with their desire to follow rules and to be told what to do, who are responsible for the nanny state we live in today.  The alphas are all to happy to lead and take advantage of these suckers.  It needs to be stopped and only gammas can do it.