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Aside from Roosh who is obviously doing it for the money (and there is nothing wrong with that), I am unsure what the motivations are of PUA bloggers like Roissey.  They say they are not worried about game saturation, but if one man changes from a beta to an alpha is the world better off?


Certainly, that one man will be better off because he will no longer be a fool who is duped into providing for bastard spawn and he will be more successful with women.  But his productivity as a worker will be lower if he believes the alpha lifestyle of being a selfish bastard who takes credit for work others did rather than doing his own.  Many will say fuck the employer and good for him for only looking out for himself. 


I have a different goal.  I want to encourage others to stop being betas, not so they become alphas, but so they may become gammas.  Gammas create, invent, and produce.  They defend themselves from the thieving, conniving jackass alphas.  They resist those who try to lead them, but they only lead as examples and not as authorities.  They are able to acquire resources to pass down to offspring so they too may be successful.  A society of gammas would be a freer, better place to live than one filled with alphas.


It is the betas, with their desire to follow rules and to be told what to do, who are responsible for the nanny state we live in today.  The alphas are all to happy to lead and take advantage of these suckers.  It needs to be stopped and only gammas can do it.


To be an alpha

In a classic roissey post , which he frequently references, an outline is given for what it means to be alpha.

The definition he gives basically boils down to “a man who fucks a lot of women”.  While fucking many women is a common side effect of being an alpha, it does not define an alpha.  An alpha is a man who moves crowds.  While many of them take more than they produce,  they are generally not purely parasitic.

As for me, it is the gamma that has the most appeal.  Don’t fuck with me and I’ll leave you alone too.

“The Law”

If you suggest a doubt as to the morality of these institutions, it is boldly said that “You are a dangerous innovator, a utopian, a theorist, a subversive; you would shatter the foundation upon which society rests.”


-Frédéric Bastiat


Some will point toward  government and exclaim that we have clearly left the state of nature.  We have not.


While I don’t agree with everything Bastiat had to say in “The Law”, reading it has influenced me in one significant way, and it is not the way he had intended.  I no longer see people as moral beings.  We have never left the state of nature, we have merely shaped nature.  Instead of directly using violence to take from others, modern man votes to take from others those things he desires but cannot create for himself.  The outcome is the same.


When you strip morals from your interpretation of other people’s behavior the world suddenly makes far more sense.  Far too many people make the mistake of assuming the person they are talking to is telling the truth.  When evaluating whether someone is telling the truth, evaluating their motives and possible outcomes will lead to an accurate assessment far more often than trying to judge the person’s character.


Sketch game trees to understand the world.

My First Post

Welcome.  You probably came here as a result of one of my comments. Maybe you agree with me, but most likely you disagree.  Sometimes I am correct, sometimes I am wrong, but I will always be different.  Fuck the crowd.


I will be blunt and humor will rarely be found here.  I do not sugar coat anything online or in person.


Welcome to the cave.